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Laugh lots, love fearlessly and squeeze every drop out of life!!

The Million Dollar Soup

Get more than one! The book makes a great Christmas present to your friends and loved ones. Give the recipe for a meaningful life! It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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Forever is Today Audiobook

Narrated by Janet-Lynn, her novel, Forever is Today, is now available in audiobook format! Listen anytime, anywhere to the mp3 audio file on your favourite device.

Forever is Today Audiobook
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Listen to a short preview:

Time to listen: 7 minutes 44 seconds.

Janet-Lynn’s Novel:

Forever is Today

Published February 9, 2021

Live. Laugh. Love.

A novel about undeniable love, understanding, friendship and determination, that energizes our spirit and encourages our ability to surrender our independence, which nurtures hope.

More info about the book, the story and to make your purchase!

Wishing to thank everyone for their incredible support. Becoming an International Best Selling Author has given me so much gratitude… I look forward to the next step! New York Times Best Seller’s List here I come!!

– Janet-Lynn

Watch the Forever is Today trailer:

Forever is Today Trailer

A very engaging and inspirational speaker!

Sharon Rider

As a coach, she understands what it takes to step into your purpose, and as a speaker, she shares poignant stories with her audience which resonate and helps to ignite a desire for personal growth.

“Janet-Lynn captured the audience with her humour, intelligence and thoughtfulness.”
Paul Ryan

It’s a glimpse into how you can change your mindset, get clarity and create the life you’ve always dreamed of. The ideas Janet-Lynn speaks about will resonate with your audience for a lifetime.

“Janet-Lynn is very charismatic on stage and has a way of connecting with individuals.”
-Matthew Philipchuk

It’s about giving permission to take the power back ​in each person’s life.



Audiences and clients get drawn into Janet-Lynn’s gracious ability to honour and respect exactly where a person is in their life’s journey. She is passionate about her purpose and will always be honest while helping to ignite meaning into the lives of those around her.


Throughout Janet-Lynn’s life, she has steadfastly pursued her goals and dreams despite the myriad obstacles that she has encountered along the way. Her grit and fierce countenance are inspiring.


Janet-Lynn regards herself as a professional dreamer. Since childhood she has held her dreams close to her heart and has never abandoned them. Her philosophy encompasses the principle that nothing is impossible and that everyone has a right to be whoever they want to be.

Janet-Lynn is the owner of three successful businesses, a mother of three, and an experienced coach and motivational speaker whose life has been defined by one very important choice. The situations will be different for everyone, but we all stand at this cross road at some point. We will be given two options. To either give up, or get up. Janet-Lynn has faced this choice many times in her life, and has grown from it in a way that has taught her to be fierce, resilient, and to create new solutions that lead to new opportunities and goals. She is a survival expert who believes in her path to help other women and girls be grateful for what they have, make the best of their situations, and request more abundance and joy into their lives.

” Janet-Lynn is passionate about helping other people reach their full potential. That passion comes through in her energy when she speaks!”
​– Sondra Burton

“What I appreciated the most while working with Janet-Lynn was her ability to mirror my thoughts, and then articulate what’s going on based on what she senses. This created a lot of awareness and led to many “Aha moments!”  Thank you Janet-Lynn!”
​– Maddy Baylor, Wisconcin

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