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As an author, she takes you to the edge and back with her true to life characters and extraordinary moments that move and surprise us. As a coach, she understands what it takes to step into your purpose, and as a speaker, she shares poignant stories with her audience which resonate and helps to ignite a desire for personal growth.

Live Impossibly

Author, speaker, mindset expert, and professional risk-taker, Janet-Lynn is a writer who might take you to the edge of a heart-stopping cliff or make you fall into the deepest love. Or, maybe a bit of both.

She carries one fundamental belief with her everywhere she goes. It’s the reason she’s been able to experience the highest and lowest points of life, how she’s come to understand the power of love and positivity. It’s what influences her writing, and why she’s done all she has. This belief is to live impossibly. When you live life without limits, the impossible starts to occur. And it all starts in the mind.

Janet-Lynn believes this is why she’s made it to where she currently stands. It’s gotten her far with all she sets out to do. She has achieved success with multiple business ventures, with her own self development, and also with writing and speaking. Her ability to impact those she reaches with her words is a gift only given by the lessons of life, to which she is well versed. “I’ve made more mistakes than anyone I know because I’ve tried more things than anyone I know. And learning from those who have tried before you, is the best way to not make the same mistakes they did.” This is why Janet-Lynn is an expert teacher in life living. She’s not afraid to try and fail. In fact she is an epic failure, the name of one of her insightful speeches. 

Janet-Lynn is the teacher of fearlessness. This reflects in not just her teachings but in her fictional works as well. Her stories are based around struggle, strength, and triumph. Who better to learn this process from than someone who never relents going through it herself.

I believe in living impossibly.


“It was obvious she was speaking from first hand, real-life experiences which made her stories relatable.”
-Dina Jones

As a result of knowing and working with Janet-Lynn, my life is more rich, rewarding, and positive.

Paul Ryan

​I have worked with many private clients, spoken in front of countless groups. I am living my dream helping those around me; I own several successful businesses; I am living in the home of my dreams surrounded by my family and nature. I have created Live Impossibly™, a series of eight essential steps every dreamer needs to apply to begin creating their dream life TODAY!

Janet-Lynn is the author of “Surviving Seventeen,” which explores basic issues of friendship, family, self-reliance and inner strength. This novel is a work of fiction for young adults, but has a lovely cross-over appeal for anyone interested in reading about an amazing young woman. Surviving Seventeen is being relaunched in 2021. Surviving Seventeen is temporarily out of stock at Amazon.com.

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