Forever is Today

Live. Laugh. Love.

A novel about undeniable love, understanding, friendship and determination, that energizes our spirit and encourages our ability to surrender our independence, which nurtures hope.

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Forever Is Today is truly gripping …
right from the beginning all the way to the end.
And, the ending!!!  Wow, never saw that coming.
Well done! 

Peggy McColl, New York Times Best Selling Author

Forever is Today Trailer:

Forever is Today Trailer

On The Back Cover…

The books we most enjoy, those where we cannot wait to turn the page, are filled with twists and turns we never anticipate. That’s why we read—for the unexpected moments that make us gasp with surprise or laugh or cry.

We love following engaging characters down their rocky road to happiness, and we love our happy endings. But what is a happy ending? Is it love conquers all? Is it boy wins girl? Or, is it sometimes bittersweet? 

Forever is Today does indeed have a happy ending, but it’s not the one you expect. Like life, this story is complicated, heartbreaking, joyous—while touching on the iconic hero’s journey that we recognize in both literature and life.

In this emotional roller-coaster of a book, you follow richly drawn and true-to-life characters, and you cannot help but feel their joy and pain, their loss and love. 

The story of Joel and Bea will live in your heart forever.

“As a fiction writer, I am always looking for a great storyteller.  Janet Lynn has the power to transport her audience and each chapter jolts the reader into a cacophony of pure imagination.  Her writing is heart wrenching, subtle and profound all the while taking you on a literary escapade of immaculate storytelling.  Forever is Today is a must read!  This book reminds me of a movie. I can’t wait to see what else this author has in store for us. She is MAGIC!”
– Pashmina P.
International bestselling author of The Cappuccino Chronicles Trilogy and What is A Gupsey?

“I love reading fiction, and when I read Janet Lynn’s book I was certainly taken on a journey.  She is an author with a powerful imagination and her beautiful writing skills are very much highlighted in Forever is Today.  I couldn’t put the book down!  A MUST READ!”
Judy O’Beirn
President and Founder of Hasmark Publishing International
International bestselling author of Unwavering Strength Series

Listen to the Forever is Today Prologue and Chapter 1, Narrated by Janet-Lynn

A Few Words From Janet-Lynn

I’m thrilled that my latest fiction novel, Forever is Today, will be launching on February 9th, 2021, in 15 countries worldwide on Amazon.

In the meantime, I have recorded this 4 minute video for you, with some personal thoughts about my exciting book:

Forever is Today Book Promo 1

Some of you may be asking, how does one live ‘impossibly’?  Let me explain…

Hi, I’m Janet-Lynn and I’m a professional dreamer! I’m also a mother, athlete, pianist, speaker and author … And my message to you, is that anything in life is possible!!

My latest fiction novel, Forever Is Today! means we never know what tomorrow may bring… so we’re always experiencing our forever moments, in what we refer to as the “now.”

My motivation for writing this book came from my desire to inspire people into consciously creating the life they want. There are many unexpected events which can affect your choices in life, making living each moment more precious.

My life has taken many twists and turns, as well as the lives of those I love. I’ve witnessed and experienced their pain, as well as my own, through many challenges such as epic failures, devastating loss and debilitating illness.

Forever Is Today takes the reader into the lives of 2 families, who undergo a series of traumatic events. Their undeniable love, understanding, friendship and determination, energizes our spirit and encourages our ability to surrender our independence, which nurtures hope. 

The main character in my book is based on one of my daughters. Maddy has  auto-immune hepatitis 1 and we’ll be donating proceeds from sales of this book to a new charitable organization, “The Gilbert Foundation.” Gilbert is the name Maddy gave to her liver. We want to bring awareness and help raise money for research into finding a cure for this rare and life-threatening condition.

My website is You can also listen in on my YouTube  ‘Janet-Lynn’ channel, where I’ll be providing little anecdotes and guidelines towards living a life with boundless passion and freedom – even when you feel confined by your own thoughts. 

Choosing to live impossibly is not without its challenges, though it has invigorated my life, and illuminated a path to greater fulfillment and contentment. So, I encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube channel, and together we can connect, reflect, and hopefully inspire each other to pursue our dreams.

You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

I’m thrilled that “Forever is Today,” will be launching on February 9th, 2021, in 15 countries worldwide on Amazon.

Let’s live…’impossibly’, together.

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