Janet-Lynn’s “Live Impossibly” Newsletter

Dear Friend,

Welcome to my “Live Impossibly” newsletter. This is the first of many inspirational messages I will be sharing with you and yours. Please enjoy, be moved, and most of all, be inspired to move towards the impossible, however that shows up for you in your life.

There’s no better time than now… to Live Impossibly


Janet-Lynn Morrison

Have you ever found yourself in an impossible situation? Whether impossibly good or bad, you just can’t believe its reality? Throughout my life, I have seen both sides of these spectrums. I’ve known unreachable highs, and unspeakable lows. Looking back, my life in a backwards sequence, it makes sense to be where I am today. 

We are not defined by our past, but we should be grateful for every lesson we learn along the way. Forgiving those who have hurt us, including ourselves, and letting go of the hurt is the first step to creating the life of your dreams. I’m so grateful to have learned this lesson. I’ve implemented it, and I’ve seen my life transform.

Now as an international bestselling author, I see things differently. I see my life as one day. The day I’m living. We never know when our lives might change forever, and often it happens in a blink of an eye. To quote a few of my favourite words from my book, “Yesterday is in the past, tomorrow isn’t promised, but forever is today.” We have today. It’s so true. I know it’s been done to say live every day like it’s your last, but it is no less relevant after the millionth time you hear it.

As we walk our path and our experiences unfold, we will undoubtedly find ourselves at low moments, moments that seem impossible to ever get past. In these moments of desperation, we can forget that the cup is refillable.  When I was fifteen, I was not able to live at home and my focus became simply figuring out where I’d be safe to lay my head down to sleep at night. 

I was hungry and lost and had nothing but the clothes on my back. You always think you’ll recognize rock bottom when you hit it. But, if that were true, then I’d already hit it many times over. But true rock bottom came as a complete surprise to me. I was curled up under a park bench. Cold rain pelted between the slats and drenched my shivering body. In that moment, I realized that rock bottom isn’t so much something you feel as something you don’t. Never in my life had I felt so hopeless. And I knew I had two choices: give up or get up. That night changed my life. I wanted to survive. It wasn’t easy, but I did it and it’s because of that night that I’m the person I am today.

You see, it all comes down to making a choice. Deciding what you want your life to be. Once you start seeing all the good around you, you can begin to transform your life and create the life of your dreams. Anything is possible, even the impossible.  Living impossibly is all about experiencing the beauty of life. Every little detail of being a living, breathing human being should be celebrated.  

You might at first think that this means jumping out of a plane or swimming with sharks, both of which I’ve done. But actually a much rarer way of living is living impossibly with everyday life. Experiencing the impossible with your daily tasks. Adding beauty to your life simply by choosing to see it. We live every day with an internal clock. This clock never stops ticking. And we all eventually run out of time. If you are shaken by this thought, ask yourself… are you living? Truly living. Are you squeezing joy out of this life, are you celebrating it and feeling it fully? 

Feel the energy of the earth, the air around you, the people walking by. By living impossibly, I don’t miss a thing. The good, the bad, the big, the small, the things right in front of you, and the things you can’t see. 

If you don’t like your life, ask yourself if you’re noticing everything. Did you notice the intricately designed, living person who smiled at you today? The beautiful privilege of safety and shelter within your home? That incredible gift of a breath you just took? It’s easy to forget these things, or small things like birdsong, the feeling of walking on grass, or the magical nothingness taste of water. Living impossibly isn’t about jumping out of a plane. It’s about seeing the extreme beauty and magic that is life. A quote I will never forget is from The Great Gatsby. “I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald. 

Life does not begin and end with purpose, people, and your own mind. Because after all, isn’t the mere existence of life the most impossible concept known to man? It will forever remain the great mystery. There are endless possibilities to life on earth. We only have to choose to see it. 

As a writer, I hope that my words resonate with solutions towards leading a more desirable life. I truly believe that my experiences have shaped me and have taught me to never give up. What I have been through can be counted as a million blessings or failures, and it is perspective that has become my guiding light.  Choosing your battles, sorrows and joys, is all in your hands.  It all starts with one breath, exactly how we came into this world: One breath. One Chance. One life. Live it. Live Impossibly.